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The agri-products cold-chain logistics refers to a special supply chain system that enables fresh agri-products, like meat, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc., after collection (or slaughtering, catching) from producing areas, to stay at an appropriate low-temperature environment in the course of processing, storage, transport, distribution or retail, and thus ensuring product quality and safety, reducing loss and preventing pollution to the greatest extent.

  • 1)The group’s constant-temperature and low-temperature cold storages with a total capacity of more than 30,000 tons can
           provide both quality and quantity guaranteed frozen & fresh-care services for businesses;

  • 2)The group vigorously integrates cold-chain transport resources to boost the nationwide circulation of frozen and fresh

  • 3)Organize agricultural businesses to visit places of advanced cold-chain logistics for study purpose, in the hope of cultivating
           local talents and promoting the rapid development of the local agri-products cold-chain logistics industry.